Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Storm

The summer we had the above ground swimming pool went down in the books as one of the best.  My large flower pots on the patio brimmed over with pink wave petunias.  The profuse pink blooms looked opulent against the blue backdrop of the pool.  Our mornings were filled with sunny water laughs.  Afternoons were for lunch and naps where we refueled for another round of evening water fun.

My favorite memory of that summer was the day the storm rolled in, just as we were heading inside for the afternoon.  The overcast sky quickly began turning to an ominous gray.  The temperature outside dropped nearly ten degrees and the trees were alive with wind.  The air sounded almost like the waves of the ocean as the leaves whipped back and forth.

We ate lunch, got everything cleaned up, and turned on the lamps to illuminate the dark rooms.  The storm was brewing outside of our windows, but we were inside safe and warm.  The sky unfurled its grip and the rains came.  Loud peels of thunder boomed, shaking the very core of our home.  We sat cozy under blankets, contented as the rains fell from the dark sky.  A perfect morning morphed into a perfect afternoon.  The candle smelled a little sweeter in the air that day.

That summer storm pushed the pause button on an already lazy day.  It allowed us to rest a little deeper.  Part of the beauty of it was how unexpected it was.  Those dark skies took us by surprise that hot July day.

Most days at home hold the same predictable rhythm.  But every once in awhile, an unforeseen shift in the plans happens, and a moment of deep rest unfolds.

James 1:17