Monday, December 29, 2014

Being A Responsible Citizen, I am

Last night I stayed up until 3:30am catching up on Season 4 of Downton Abbey.  I'm not a big TV watcher, but that is my show.  That and Wheel.

I'm feeling surprisingly good for staying up practically all night long.

Today we are having a nothing day.

We're all in our pj's.  Kids are on Wii and I am dreaming about buffalo check curtains.

You'd be so proud of me.  I did so good this Christmas season with all of the stuff being strewn here and there so the kids could enjoy.  It about did me in, but we made it.

I am in the mood to declutter.  Do I love it?  Do I use it?  If so, it will stay.  If not, it is going.

Maybe it is because January is right around the corner.

Maybe it is because six of us live in a three bedroom home.

Either way, I have the itch to downsize and simplify.

You may think I'm always downsizing.  And I am.

Staying on top of the excess is a constant exercise.

I try to live by a 10 toy mantra.  The kids play better with their things when there is less of it.

We have empty drawers and underneath our bed is clutter free.  That feels really good.

Right now, the thing that is bothering me is my drawers and closet.  These are the hardest for me to tackle.  Probably because when I do a stash and dash before company, all the things that don't have a home and all the things I'm not ready to make decisions on are the things that get crammed here and there.  That is why cleaning them out is the hardest.  It forces me to make a call on if it stays or goes.  And if it stays, where is it's home to be?

But I am in the mood.

In Mid-February I always put a Bed & Breakfast weekend on my calendar.  It is my inspiration to fluff and shine my house during January.  On our B&B weekend we stay home.  The house always looks its best.  I always buy fresh flowers, a new candle, a new magazine or decorating book and fun food.

If you're in the mood to downsize, you should join me!  This week is living room week.

Grab two grocery sacks.  Throw or give away 27 things today.  And then do it again tomorrow.  And the next day.  You'll be so happy with the results as you whittle down your stuff. 

Nothing makes your house look fresher than getting rid of all the stuff.

I promise!

Even empty spaces look better than being filled with stuff that is just Meh.

I'm dealing with an empty space right now.  It's about my ficus tree.  We took it out for the tree and I think we are all liking the empty space of not having it back in the house.  I'm not entirely sure what to do with the wall space, but I'm living with it blank for a bit to see.