Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I'm not hormonal, per se

I don't know if it is my hormones or what but I put the hack on my hair this morning.  And it felt SO GOOD.  Until I took a looksee in the mirror and blowed it out and saw my hack job.  That Twilight Zone music started playing and all I could do was stare with wide eyed horror at the work of my hands.  I'm sorry, but who just up and cuts their hair? 

Living with all boys and a baby whose main word is blah blah blah didn't help either.

Naturally I called up my mom and sister.

By the afternoon I was sitting in a beauty shop watching an uncomfortable amount of my already short hair do fall to the ground.

The good news is I got like three compliments on my flannel shirt.

"Where'd you get that?!"

"My husbands side of the closet."  Actually that is not true.  This summer we were having a yard sale and I kept shopping from our own stuff.  It's like something comes over me when I see how good our stuff looks with a neon dot on it and I have to bring it back home.

So yeah, I'm wearing his shirt and apparently the ladies at the beauty shop liked it.

To top it all off, I am trying to not eat carbs and sugar and all I want in this whole wide world is some nachos from a taco joint our friends from church opened up this year.

So now, not only am I having hormonal issues, but I'm realizing I am an emotional eater because I'm stressed over my hair and think I look weird and only a plate of nachos will make it all better.

Is that rational?

And in all reality, I've been in a poopy mood all week.

I really do think nachos might make it all better.

And maybe an estrogen patch.