Saturday, June 24, 2017

Feasting & Fasting

I am an eater.

You will not find me skimping on the good stuff.

I eat more like a man than a woman. I like hearty food. What I'm trying to say is, I'm no flower. I'm a food-eating foodie.

Something I read in Shauna Niequest's book, Bread & Wine, made all the sense in the world to me. She talked about feasting and fasting. Some times in our life are for feasting, and we balance that by having times of "fasting." The term fasting is held loosely, but in this context, I am talking about holding back on indulgences for a season to reset.

I can turn anything into a reason to feast.  Heck, it's Tuesday, let's plan a party! OK, let me just get on with it already.  My big summer plans have come to an end.  I'm about to be in five months of not much hoorah on the ol' calendar.  That is why I've decided to start THM today.  Not a nazi THM-er, but "A Mostly THM-er."  I figure some meals are going to be straight up fun, and I'm allowing it. This just means I am laying off on so many carbs, changing them out for healthier carbs (homemade bread, Josephs Pita Wraps, sprouted bread from freezer section), going for less sugar, cooking a bit more intentional.

This has been the summer of feeling better.  So far I have been focusing on getting good rest.  I've been adding some steps to my day.  Nothing crazy, just trying to hit my Fit Bit Goals.  Even if it's only 6,000 steps.

When I decide to be healthy for a season, I usually completely derail on my menu planning.  It usually happens on an unsuspecting Saturday morning.  I grab my cookbooks, go to the table, get over-ambitious with my new healthy menu for the week, spend a gazillion bucks at the grocery store, cook all manner of weird new food for the week, and it last's approximately three days.  This time I am changing my approach.


That is the plan.  Start where you are with what you have and make one simple change!

Today when I menu planned I started with Dinner.  I usually start with healthy desserts.  But I think I read something about man not being able to live on dessert alone, so whatever, I started with dinner. Here is the menu for the week.  Food in all caps can be found in this Trim Healthy Mama cookbook.

Dinner Menu:
SALISBURY STEAK, green beans, THM BREAD & butter
POTSTICKER PATTIES, lettuce shreds and ranch, FOTATO SOUP
Taco Salads

SOUTHWESTERN PAN BREAD, turkey, lettuce, tomato
canned soups

bacon & eggs
smoothies with protein powder
Triple Zero Vanilla Greek yogurt, walnuts, frozen berries

Nut Thins, pepperoni, mozzarella
string cheese
apples and peanut butter