Thursday, September 11, 2014


About once a year we end up having a yard sale.  And every year it is always the same.  Pick a weekend.  Have a hard time gearing up to get motivated to fill boxes and empty the house.  But there is always a defining moment. 

The moment when the first item is tossed into the box that will not be coming back in.  Tossing leads to more tossing.  You start to see empty shelves and that is really when the ante gets upped. 

It feels fabuloso to fill up brown boxes of things I haven't been using.  The things that I don't 100% still love today get the boot. 

It forces me to look at my home with fresh eyes. 

If I see something and decide I really do still love it then it forces me to find a home for that thing.

Yesterday I headed into my kitchen and started opening cabinet doors and pulling open drawers and tossing things into my box with abandon.  It was in the middle of my kitchen decluttering spree that I realized some things.

I have problems letting go of my name brand clutter.

Pottery Barn
Pampered Chef
Ralph Lauren

You show me a name brand label and I'll show you a girl who has a hard time letting it go.

Then you have the sentimental clutter.

Wedding gifts
Birthday gifts
Kids things that have good memories attached to them
The steal you found on that something at that yard sale
My wedding dress

Then you have the skinny version of you clutter.

All those cute little t-shirts that don't fit right now?  Mmm hmmm, yeah Kool-Aid t-shirt I'm talking about you.
I have found that if I have a motivator it helps me release some things that may otherwise be hard to let go of.  So, I give you my recliner I am working towards.
This chair is cute and comfy.  For years I have wanted a chair like this.  It rocks, swivels, reclines, and dusts baseboards on demand.  This beauty is my motivation to let some of the good stuff go so that I can have something better.  Every time I pick up something that is pretty but not useful to me anymore, I think of my purty chair and in the box the pretty something  goes.