Saturday, November 15, 2014


I'm sitting here on a 37 degree morning with my window open beside me.

I'm hot.

Always hot.

Last winter I loved the 14 degree evenings.  I slept in my summer pj's all winter.  I'd get up in the middle of the night to visit the powder room, and that cold bathroom always felt so good.

We hosted a lot of training dinners the last two weeks.  Cold weather is always a happy addition to this cook because I crack the back door to let the cold air in while I simmer and stir.  Before I head to the bathroom to touch up my hair and make-up I usually sit a spell on the patio for a bit to cool off.

My Hawaiian breeze fan is my side-kick but these arctic days are really much more preferable.

The menfolk around here keep turning on the fireplace.

Oh lawd today.

I'm all, "Honey, you know I love you but we got to turn that puppy off ya here now?"

So, about the fruit and vegetable eating.

If potato chips count as potatoes and fruit pies count as fruit then I've done above average on upping my fruit/veggie intake this week.  If they don't count then, meh.  I did, not great but better than the week before.  I managed to add in a serving of fruit most days and most days I piled lettuce on my sandwich at lunch.

Why are healthy foods so dang hard to like?

I will say this though.  I faithfully do my part to make salsa a part of my diet and what is more healthy than salsa I ask you?  Exactly.  Here are two products that have made their ways into my buggies for about the last two months.  Good gravy.  Amazing.

I've been serving up my fair share of taco soup dinners and these two beauties along with freshly grated cheddar are the perfect soup toppers.