Tuesday, November 4, 2014


We are back from taking the month of October off.  Because Shane has served at our church for 10 years, he was given a one month sabbatical.  What a huge blessing and opportunity that was for our family.

I'd been praying for this month for a couple of years now.

It was such an extended chunk of time that I didn't want to squander. 

Every once in awhile I pray and ask God to extravagantly bless us in His Presence.  To reveal Himself to us.  Like when I go to a women's retreat I usually ask this of God.  Not a material request, but I have this clear picture of being able to feast on the riches at his table.  I think about my favorite table-my Mom's Thanksgiving table.  It is just the best thing I can think of.  It is lined with pretty linens, plates, glasses, candles, and all of my favorite holiday foods.  It is an extravagant table.  So I had been asking if God would bless us extravagantly and let us feast from His Table during our month off.

Goodness.  He answered in such sweet ways.  It is hard to put into words the beautiful time we had together.  We reconnected as a family and were refreshed in every way.  When yesterday morning came we were are all ready to jump back into real life.  He blessed us with a spirit of joy and days filled with laughter.  I can't think of too much better than that.

Sunday was a joy as we gathered together to worship with our church family.  We feel so incredibly blessed to serve and do life with the people we've been surrounded with.

One morning near the end of our time, I sat on a dock by the water at sunrise, reflecting on the last ten years.  I committed the next ten years into His Hands and cannot wait to see what it holds.

"Lord, teach me to order my days so that I can present a heart of wisdom to you"