Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Working with Joy

One of my biggest goals and prayers as a wife and mother is that I will do my work with joy.  My favorite verse in the Bible talks about a kind hearted woman.  A kind woman gains respect.  She is gracious and lovely to be around.  We've all been around women who are harsh and snappy.  Me no likey that.  I really don't like it when those two words are aptly describing me.

I have found that when I am being diligent to take care of myself, then I have more to give out and it is easier for me to work with joy.  Part of this process involves something which I think is really fun. 

Thinking about what gives you life.

Do you know what your life giving activities and spaces look like?  For years I've turned off our phones in the afternoon.  For two hours the world might be burning down but we are having quiet time at our house.  My slot looks different some days.  Last week as I was battling a terrible cold my time looked like dragging myself under the covers for an afternoon sleep.  Yesterday it looked like grabbing a blanket and a book and laying on the sunny spot on my comforter.  Some days it looks like making afternoon coffee and reading by my favorite candle.

It is not hard to create spaces that refresh you.  It does take a tiny bit of effort though.  No one is going to make us go to the spaces that refresh us!  I believe it is a false thought to think we are wasting time when we make time for ourselves every day.  You've heard it said, "If the enemy can't make us bad he'll make us busy."  I think of that when I think of making time to refresh myself.  If I am too busy to take time to fuel back up then I might be too busy.

All that said, taking care of myself on a daily basis is one thing that I do that helps me in my desire and efforts to work with joy.