Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This Works Wonders

For your hardest kid on their hardest day, I have something for you.

Bless him and love him when he does not deserve it.

That child has been reprimanded more times than you can count.  He knows he keeps doing wrong.  Even though he knows he's going to get in trouble he does it anyway and you get weary from the battle.

Do something unexpected for the offender.  Bless him.  Maybe it looks like a cold drink and a cupcake.  Maybe a movie and extra snuggles from mom.  Coloring at the table together.  Think of any way you can bring him in, serve him, bless him, and give love when he is at his ugliest.  

Bring him in.  Serve him and love him.  Watch what happens.  It is amazing.