Monday, November 10, 2014

Settling In

This has been a week filled with celebrations.  We've gathered together with friends and family and shared meals around the farm table. 

The trees in our yard turned into brilliant colors overnight.  I think we've adjusted to the daylight savings time change, which always takes about a week.  Such a special time in our lives every 6 months.

This weekend I spent some time thinking through the baby's schedule and she is settling in to the new routine nicely.  After a month of travel mixed with the time change, we were kind of all over the place.  She is cutting two new teeth and they have been bothering her so much.  They bring the grand total up to 8 chompers!

Tonight I'm serving up a big pot of chili and I'm so excited.  I love the smell of chili simmering all afternoon on the stovetop.  I'm throwing  a Razzleberry pie and an apple pie in the oven for dessert.  Razzleberry pie is a berry pie filled with blackberry and raspberry.  It smells like heaven baking and makes a perfectly fine breakfast the next morning.

School is going good.  We have been using the Higher Up Further In curriculum this year and it fits our family beautifully.  Learning has become a fun thing and not a huge drag {on most days, anyway}.  I have found a community of other Charlotte Mason moms and am thankful for it.  I missed our second meeting in October but am so looking forward to getting together with them again.  We meet at a super cool coffee shop to discuss Charlotte Mason's works.

I guess the only other big news is that I am trying to learn to like wearing jeans.  I HATE the way jeans feel.  They are just not comfortable to me.  They are so versatile though, so I am trying to give it a go.  Oh.  There is one more big piece of news.  I've been adding my water drinking in every day.  This is the third week and it has been going well.  Today I am starting to up my fruit and veggie intake to 5 servings a day.  It's almost noon and I've already choked down a banana which technically is a really sugary fruit.  I thought about sharing some fruit and veggie creations as I discover them.  They always feel so hard for me to get in.

It's good to be back!