Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bed & Breakfast Weekend Inspiration

Here is the inspiration for creating a B&B Weekend for us each year...
Dear FlyLady,
I wanted to let you know about the wonderful B&B my husband and I stayed at this Memorial Day weekend. The small but simply furnished kitchen was well stocked with delicious healthy snacks and meals. Homemade waffles with blackberries were served from a beautiful, clean kitchen. The living areas and bedrooms were furnished with fresh, plumped pillows, lovely matching sheets and down comforter, and scented candles everywhere. The bathroom – ah… bubble bath, lotions, and fresh, white towels. The library was stocked with books, magazines and yoga videos…
… Best of all, my husband and I spent time together with no interruptions, chores, or traffic. Okay – you guessed it… thanks to you, this is my home. Thank you, thank you.
I LOVE THIS STORY from Flylady's Website.  A few years ago I decided I was going create a B&B Weekend for us.  It gave me something to look forward to during the month of January.  Once the tree comes down it can be kind of blah feeling around the house.

When we started doing an annual at home B&B Weekend, we both had jobs and very busy schedules.  Proactively carving out a weekend where we saved it for home and family was hard to do!  I love that now, every February, I can look at my calendar and see 3 days where we spend hanging out and having fun.

The best thing about a B&B is the ambiance.

Little bouquets of flowers from the table to the bathroom make everything so cheery.

Thick cut French toast served up with warm berry sauce and good coffee make a nice way to start the day.

So!  We re-create something similar to this every year.  I go to the store and buy a bouquet of flowers and divide it up into mason jars to spread throughout the house.  Kitchen, bedside tables, bathrooms, all of them get a jar of flowers.  It is an excuse to buy a new candle.  I also enjoy getting a new book or magazine that I've had my eye on.

In the weeks leading up to our weekend (like, now!) I start slowly working through our home to get it looking good (not perfectly organized and spit spot, but better than it was!).  I am very careful with my grocery store budget during January so that I can try to save extra in anticipation for our February weekend.  We also have some gift cards that we will cash in on during our weekend.

The story I started with makes me smile every single time.  There is no place like home.