Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Truth About Teaching Reading

I suppose each teacher comes to the table with strengths and weaknesses.  The reading book told me it would be a joy to teach the wee one to read.

Pish Posh.

It has been painful for me to sit through labored reading lessons oh my heavens painful I tell you.

Even though it makes me want to stab my eyeballs out I do it but oh my.  It is a labor of love I tell you.

(why on earth can't I get this picture to post right side up?)

I don't mind telling you what I am good at though.  Stickers.  Yup.  I am the Queen of getting all excited over effort and I slap 'em on the page like a boss.

Another thing I'm decent (but not perfect) at is praising the work even though it is usually a work in progress.  We vote on our favorite letters on each line and our favorite one gets the smiley face.  I have to remind my perfectionist self that I am looking for good effort, not necessarily perfection.

The painful reading?  I praise it because I know that calling people up is the way to go. 

We call this speaking life at our house.  Speak life to those around you.  It costs nothing to bless like that.

So yeah.  The teaching reading bit is a hard part of this gig for me.  Even though it is painfully hard for me, I'm trying to speak life in it.

My favorite part of the job is gathering in the living room to read our stories out loud together.  We are all learning so much together.  Looking up to see big old brown eyes hanging on every word is a special thing.

Thankfully the teaching of reading shouldn't last forever.  Until then, there are always stickers.