Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My 40 Hanger Closet

Recently something came across my Facebook feed that intrigued me.  Someone was talking about having a 40 hanger closet.  Interesting.  Just for funsies I went and counted up my hangers.  Once I passed 100 I quit counting because come on.  All those clothes and nothing to wear?  Really?

The thought of giving the 40 hanger closet a try had been brewing around in my mind and Sunday morning when I could find nothing to wear to church it kind of sealed the deal for me.  I wore wrinkled black pants to church and came home and got to work.

(please note: I am aware of my striped shirt addiction and have vowed to avert the eyes when they call my name at the store)

If you are feeling iffy about this, as I was, then you may want to do what I did.  I filled two Rubbermaid bins with my extra clothes.  Good clothes that I like but don't necessarily love or need.  I'm going to allow myself to hold onto them for a month or so while I give the 40 hanger closet a test drive.

Check out this next picture.  I have no idea how that happened.  I can only assume God was smiling down on me.

For an added layer of the experiment, I put all my hangers in backwards.  When I pull something to wear, the hanger will get turned the correct way.  After a few weeks I will really be able to see what I have been wearing.  This is going to help me think through my core wardrobe and where the gaps are that need to be filled for optimal mixing and matching.

I have shopped from my 40 hanger wardrobe three times now and it was SO EASY to pick out my outfit.