Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sparkling Kitchen

Every January, in preparation for our little at home Bed & Breakfast weekend in February, I clear the kitchen counters of EVERYTHING and give them a good washing.  Since we have white formica counters I spray them down with bleach which gets them nice and white.

You will be amazed at what it will do for the feel of your kitchen if you rid the counter tops of everything so you can really see the canvas you have to work with.

I've probably told you about how when we were growing up we did not live in a fancy house and we did not have a lot of money.  My mother worked very hard to provide for my sister and I.  Even though we did not have lots of fancy things, my mother always taught us the value of taking care of what we did have and keeping it looking as nice as possible.

This afternoon what I really wanted to do was lay in the rays of sunshine on my bed like a cat.  I even tried to lay down a bit, but all the while I kept thinking about being a blessing to my home.  I kept thinking about the mission for this week which is to clean off my counters.  Well fine then!  Mentally I prepared to spend an hour blessing my kitchen.  It did not take that long.

Let me introduce you to two of my best friends when it comes to making the place sparkle.  My other two sidekicks (not pictured) are Windex Multi-Surface spray and bleach spray.  I love how the Windex Multi-Surface spray smells and how it makes my flat cooktop and stainless steel sparkle like crazy.

Once everything was washed down I only put back what I really wanted.  This space behind my sink is so tricky.  Water gets splashed here on a daily basis and it needs to be wiped down often because of dust.  I've never really found a solution I was happy with for this space, but this solution is making me smile today.

It reminds me of how our prayers rise to God and are like incense to Him.  Our church gave us cutie pie little mason jars filled with prayers to pray over our ourselves, our families and the body.

Today may have been a great day for lazing in the warm sunshine like a cat but it feels good to step back and see the work of my hands.

A little effort goes a long way and every little bit we do contributes to the look and feel of our home.  See for yourself.  Clear those counters and shine them up-you'll see how good it makes you feel!